CALGARY, Alberta  — June 26, 2015 — Canadian UAVs, a leading Canadian supplier of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for energy and agricultural assets, is pleased to provide stakeholders with an operational update after its recent trade mission to Paris.

Following the successful completion of several meetings with UAV product vendors and related supply-chain solutions providers, Canadian UAVs (“CUAVs”) expects to announce one or more strategic agreements in the near future. The company is distinct from other Canadian UAV companies through its focus on safety and risk mitigation by using only licensed commercial pilots to operate aerial assets.

“The 2015 Paris Air Show exceeded our expectations. We met with all of the potential partners we identified in advance as being top tier. We also accomplished the important objective of establishing new relationships with several influential members of the international UAV community. We believe our goal of securing a strategic partnership with a leading UAV provider and deploying our assets across a base of commoditized acreage will occur faster than originally anticipated. The new alliances and connections we formed in Paris have validated the confidence we have in our strategy,” said Sean Greenwood, President and CEO of Canadian UAVs.

The primary focus of CUAVs is on applications related to the monitoring of pipeline and other infrastructure assets. Through its partnership with 4Front Robotics, Inc. CUAVs provides a range of custom and innovative UAV solutions for industrial environments where advanced imaging is necessary for surveying on an iterative or fixed point basis.

“Our ability to autoacquire a wealth of visual data covering certain energy or agricultural assets gives our clients valuable insight into potential sources of future risk while ensuring a low cost alternative to traditional surveillance and surveying,” said Sean Greenwood. “We believe our ‘safety first’ approach represents a responsible choice while increasing productivity and safety in mining, construction and infrastructure networks.”

Canadian UAVs is a Calgary-based solutions provider with a team of licensed commercial pilots. Using advanced technology to monitor and acquire data about industrial assets, the company provides a viable advantage for clients and enterprises seeking to mitigate risk. Contact: Sean Greenwood  +1 (403) 796-5102