Partnership with MOUNTAIN VIEW HELICOPTERS strengthens service offerings, including UAV maintenance and training.

CALGARY, Alberta — October 7, 2015 — Canadian UAVs, a leading Canadian supplier of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions for energy and agricultural assets, today announces it has entered into a services agreement with Mountain View Helicopters, a helicopter transportation services firm that serves a diverse array of clients including those in the oil & gas, mineral exploration and utilities industries.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mountain View Helicopters will provide the facilities and crew for visual and instrument flight operations as well as flight training and helicopter repair and maintenance services.

“Mountain View is a key piece in our corporate development strategy,” said Sean Greenwood, President and CEO of Canadian UAVs. “New legislation makes the UAV/Helicopter combination a priority for many applications.”

All operators of Canadian UAVs and Mountain View hold valid transport Canada commercial licenses.

The partnership provides Canadian UAVs with more than 100 years of combined aircraft operations experience.

“We have had a very successful relationship with Canadian UAVs and look forward to continuing our partnership,” said Paul Bergeron, president of Mountain View.

Central to the partnership is the ability to offer Canada’s first true ‘real-time’ environmental site assessment response. By employing both helicopters and UAVs, the company is now operate anywhere it can fly to in Canada.

Canadian UAVs is a Calgary-based solutions provider of unmanned aerial vehicles focused on safety-first data acquisition. The company provides a range of innovative UAV solutions for a range of environments where the gathering and analysis of low cost imagery satisfies safety and regulatory requirements. The company uses advanced technology to map, survey, monitor and report on areas and assets to mitigate risk.

Contact: Sean Greenwood +1 (403) 796-5102