The goal of the flight review – sRPAS is to ensure that the you have all the required skills to plan and execute a sRPAS flight, safely and efficiently. This is not a training flight. The flight shall be conducted at the CUAVS test range near Ghost Lake.

TP 15395E sets out the skill requirements for the flight review – sRPAS. This is a guide for you to obtain a small remotely piloted aircraft (VLOS) certificate endorsed for advanced operations. Learn more about TP 15395E.


  1. Pass the online sRPAS advanced exam. Click Here to Access the Transport Canada Drone Management Portal
  2. Provide airworthy drone.
  3. RPAS documents (Registration, Flight manual and Log book).
  4. Valid ID.
  5. Good weather conditions.

You will perform the following during the flight test:

  1. Site survey.
  2. Emergency procedures.
  3. Pre-flight checks.
  4. Take-off.
  5. Navigation.
  6. Landing.

You will be tested in four core areas during the flight test.

  1. Problem solving and decision making.
  2. Situational awareness.
  3. Communication.
  4. Workload management.

Review Dates (Weather Permitting):

*Dates will be determined upon candidate registration. We will contact you once you have registered.