Not Every Acre is Cut From the Same Cloth.

Canadian UAVs’ near-infrared sensors detect vegetation health, giving farmers unparalleled information regarding crop health.

Large scale production has traditionally treated each acre the same. Until now, it has been prohibitively expensive to tailor agricultural inputs to the land at scale. We schedule aerial unmanned inspections at timely intervals so that operators gain a better understanding of the acreage before capital is spent on fertilizer, insecticide, and other necessities.

We provide the means to reach greater efficiency at a lower cost, enabling you to set the market with a higher crop yield before your regional and global competition. Due to Canada’s advanced airspace law and our technological capabilities, the Canadian Farmer can compete within international crop markets like never before.


Urban spread into agricultural lands and the growing needs of a global population have forced producers to adapt. 

Now, agricultural operators have no choice but to do more with less. Our data acquisition solutions enable farmers to assess the needs of the land as never before. Our approach provides insights into how to best apply your limited and costly resources to yield the most output.