Interior Inspections

Indoor operations can be completed anytime of year. Ensure your assets are safe today!


Canadian UAVs is pleased to offer indoor and confined space inspections with a world-leading collision-tolerant UAV. UAV inspections allow for unparalleled cost and time savings, ensuring complete asset integrity, and Canadian UAVs is equipped to bring this technology to some of the most difficult and inaccessible places, previously unreachable by UAVs.

With a carbon fibre frame, modular design for quick and easy maintenance, and robust hardware, this collision-tolerant UAV is safe in crashes up to 15 km/h. Focus on inspecting the asset without the worry of damaging the asset, or the UAV. Flights can be completed in direct proximity of humans, without any risk of injury.


Improve Safety

UAVs allow for easy and safe inspection of dangerous to reach and previously unreachable assets. Human risk is minimized by decreasing their involvement in asset analysis.

Reduce Downtime

With a quick start up time, extended battery life, and reduced asset downtime, inspections can be completed in hours, not days.

Lower Cost

Heights, depths or tight spaces no longer require expensive equipment to access, such as scaffolding or cranes. Reduced downtime of company assets and a marginal inspection cost compared to traditional methods are ensured by an inexpensive yet world-class aerial platform.


Equipped with a 1920x1080p full HD camera, uncooled FLIR 160×120 thermal camera, and a 5 LED array for forward, top, and bottom lighting for even the darkest of environments, inspect what you want with ease. With a 360° horizontal and 215° vertical field of view, almost any asset can be analyzed and inspected.


Thermal imaging is a tried and tested method of inspection. Thermal imaging allows an operator to see the heat signatures of an asset in question, analyze the output for potential problems, and then make an informed decision. This data gives operators an unparalled advantage in asset integrity.


Canadian UAVs’ ground control station allows for live video stream of the data captured by the UAV, while allowing up to 500 m in range, for difficult, hard to reach places. All pertinent information is continuously uploaded to the tablet, such as battery level, flight time signal strength, relative heading, altitude, camera exposure, and light intensity. In addition to live telemetry data, the hand controller allows for easy maneuvers of the UAV, as well as full payload control, such as tilt angle, light exposure, LED brightness, and visual/thermal control.




Data acquisition may be the most important thing to an operator. Data acquisition is what the Canadian UAVs does. All data recorded during flights is automatically downloaded to an SD card embedded on the UAV, and can be used for analysis right away, with no need for post processing. Make informed decisions regarding your assets with the world-class video data that Canadian UAVs provides.


Our collision-tolerant UAV operates on the 2.4 GHz wireless band, which requires no special authorization or license, while still maintaining optimal video and telemetry feed to the operator. With the ability to operate up to 500m from the operator and beyond visual line of sight within indoor environments, there is no parallel in data acquisition.