Certified third party data through a visual audit of your pipelines.

The public demand for transparent disclosures about risk and safety measures are at an all time high. Like never before, firms with pipeline assets must communicate their environmental protection activities with granularity and timeliness.

With up to 2cm of high resolution imaging detail, our automated data collection gives companies and auditors unprecedented access to rich information. The utility of the data is enormous when the data is fed into 3D modelling software for ongoing analysis and management.

Orthomosaic and corresponding sparse Digital Surface Model (DSM) before densification:

Monitor what you measure

Pipeline assets monitored in real time, over time. This provides a critical understanding of how the land is changing over time. The insight is enough to prevent catastrophic failures in the future. What you monitor, you measure. What you measure you can assess. This is an example of what we can do with our technology. Natural gas leaks can’t be seen by the human eye however a UAV with a FLIR camera can identify these types of pipeline failures.