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Why Canadian UAVs?

Our instructors are from commercial and military aviation backgrounds with years of experience in the UAV industry and are transport Canada certified Flight reviewers in Canada. We are the only operational training provider in Canada on NATO Class I, II, & III UAVs. We actively engage in Canadian UAV industry conducting commercial and military operations using various types of UAVs as well as R&D on UAV Traffic Management. We have our own Class F Advisory airspace test range near Ghost Lake, Alberta to conduct flight training and reviews for advanced operators pilot certificate.

Canadian UAVs operates the Lockheed Martin Indago UAS using the mobile Ground Control Software (mGCS) and the VCSi software designed by Lockheed Martin CDL Systems. Due to Canadian UAVs relationship with Transport Canada, and a proven track record of safe and reliable operations, Canadian UAVs was the first company to get selected to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV trials in Canada, in Class G, low-density airspace, under the safety of sense-and-avoid radar, providing continual airspace integration.

Online RPAS School

The Online RPAS School is designed to prepare candidates to obtain the necessary knowledge required by Transport Canada to obtain the Small RPAs Pilot Certificate.

2 Day Ground School for Commercial UAV Operators

Our Ground School is an in-class opportunity for candidates in the commercial UAV industry to interact with our highly-experienced trainers and learn the necessary knowledge required by Transport Canada to obtain the Small RPAs Basic and Advanced Pilot Certificates.

sRPAS Flight Review Testing

The goal of the flight review – sRPAS is to ensure that the you have all the required skills to plan and execute an sRPAS flight, safely and efficiently. This is not a training flight. The flight shall be conducted at the CUAVS test range near Ghost Lake.