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FOREMOST, Alberta, Mar. 10, 2017 – Regular Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations significantly advance as Canadian UAVs and Lockheed Martin CDL Systems completes the first BVLOS pipeline, well site and power line inspections using the Transport Canada Compliant Lockheed Martin Indago 2 at the Foremost Testing Range. 

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Your Industrial Assets Are Critically Important

We provide low-cost surveillance, monitoring, training and reporting for commodity-based operations, utilities and real estate through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs


A Mountain View Helicopters UAV Division

Transport Canada certified operations:

  • Commercial UAVs (Canadian uavs)

  • Helicopters (Mountain view helicopters)

Only Mixed Aviation Portfolio on market

  • Manned & unmanned (helicopters and UAVS)

  • Training & operations

Military Grade Vehicles

  • Digitally encrypted systems 

  • Over 1 million flight hours on critical control systems

  • Robust sensors

"UAVs ARE AIRCRAFT and introducing aircraft into the National Airspace is regulated, for good reason. 
UAVs still require a 'human in the loop' and that person should be well trained in 'Aviation First' skills, as having data is only useful if it's repeatable, safe and legal.
With over 100 years of aviation experience in-house, we service Canada and its unique environmental and regulatory requirements. 
Enjoy the benefits of this novel technology with the peace of mind that compliant, safe personnel are conducting the operations.
We are the institutional aviation company your business needs to acquire pivotal, actionable data"
- Sean Greenwood, President

Assets Change Over Time.

Pipelines age. Mining and agricultural operations are prone to trespassers and other unwelcome guests. Accidents happen. In some regions, assets are also targets of attack. The recent passage of Bill C-46 mandates the monitoring of active and abandoned hazardous assets on an ongoing basis. We operate air-based surveillance vehicles to reduce the expense of legislated compliance.

The highest Standards Are Our Minimum.

Our UAVs are only operated by professionally licensed pilots. We have thousands of combined flight hours. We are experienced aviators with tested knowledge of Canadian aviation laws and flight safety procedures.


A leading Canadian UAV solutions provider

With flight safety as our first priority, we provide solutions for a range of applications. Our GIS, risk and insurance mitigation, iterative automated topographical data acquisition, mining, energy, and asset security solutions lead the industry. Whether your business requires raw data, situation assessment or a full suite of GIS ready data we can design a safe, low cost solution to meet your needs.

Our background in fixed wing and helicopter operations coupled with our partners provide us with advanced data acquisition, modelling technology and methods. Our strategic partnerships and industry relationships provide us with the flexibility to create tailored solutions not available elsewhere for the same cost.   

Our Solutions

Canadian UAVs is Nationally Certified by Transport Canada and insured by Marsh. Our strategic partners are leaders in the acquisition and management of above ground data. Our mandates and ongoing projects are conducted with the highest possible aviation standards. Our focus is to mitigate on-site risks in a cost effective manner. 

All of our clients enjoy the benefits of working with pilots who hold valid Transport Canada commercial licenses. This provides the working group with deep knowledge of the technical aspects of a rapidly developing technology and the expertise to operate sophisticated unmanned aviation products.







Canadian UAVs is owned and operated by licensed aircraft pilots with valid Transport Canada certificates.

We know that when it comes to airborne vehicles - manned or unmanned - safety must be the primary concern.

The recent introduction of UAVs into the Canadian aeronautical landscape provides exceptional benefits to those operators that actively engage in risk mitigation and insurance reduction strategies. We are proud to say that Canadian UAVs is such a firm.


Sean Greenwood - CEO

Sean Greenwood has been the president of Canadian UAVs since February 2015. Prior to Canadian UAVs, Sean was a real-time energy trader for a large Canadian public Energy company. With a range of responsibilities that included assessing short-term markets, offer strategies and trade execution, Sean developed trading relationships with new counterparties and ensured strict compliance with credit and exposure limits.

A licensed commercial helicopter pilot, Sean has hundreds of hours of commercial helicopter and UAV flight time. His flight experience includes flying Robinson 44s for Global 1 news, airshows and heli tours in Alberta and British Columbia. He is also an apprentice helicopter mechanic. 

Sean represented Ireland in men's Skeleton at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Before retiring, he raced for five years on the world's fastest tracks in North America, Europe and Russia. He was the highest ranked athlete in the Small Nations Division for Olympic Qualification leading up to Sochi and ranked 2nd in the North America’s Cup for the 2012-13 season.

Sean earned his B.A., (Economics) from the University of Calgary in 2010 while training in flight school, working and training for Skeleton.

Sean is a Certified Lockheed Martin Indago Systems Pilot and Instructor. 










Decades of experience working in the aviation industry in BC and Alberta.

We continue to upgrade our safety training for both aviation and the Oil and Gas sector. Our current list of certificates includes:

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence issued by Transport Canada
  • ENFORM Petroleum Safety training
  • ENFORM H2S Alive
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air
  • Transportation of Dangerous good by Surface Modes
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • External Load, Hover Exit and Water Bucketing
  • IRP 16 Basic Safety Awareness Training
  • Maintenance Training, Independent checks, Elementary tasks and AD's
  • Pilot Decision Making


Strategic Relationships


Strategic Relationships


Canadian UAVs has partnered with several Canadian companies as we understand that trying to do everything by yourself is a fast track to failure. We seek out and develop long lasting relationships with our partners to offer product enhancement and differentiation. This approach helps us to provide the best possible service for our clients. We know you're busy keeping the eye on your corporate interests, so let us focus on bringing the most up-to-date proven data tools to meet your goals.


Measure is one of the America’s leading Drone as a Service® companies with Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly more than 1000 different types of drones for a broad range of commercial applications. We provide turnkey solutions to acquire, process, and deliver cost-effective, actionable aerial data to enterprise customers. We don’t make drones. We make drones work. 

 “Measure has a great depth in expertise regarding the American market, as well unprecedented approvals from the FAA,” said Canadian UAVs President and CEO Sean Greenwood.  “Teaming up together ensures our customers have clarity and piece of mind when it comes to trans-border operations."

 “Measure can now truly offer cross-border drone services,” said Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet. “As a result of this partnership with Canadian UAVs, we can deliver cost-effective, actionable data to businesses across all 50 states and 10 provinces.”

Central to the partnership is the ability to offer North America’s first true ‘real-time’ environmental site assessment response. By employing both helicopters and UAVs, the agreeing companies can now operate anywhere it can fly to in North America. Both companies pride themselves on conducting flights that are safe, legal, and insured using only licensed pilots.


Canadian UAVs is a division of Mountain View Helicopters which enables us to provide additional value to our customers. With decades of experience in Western Canada, Mountain View Helicopters further strengthens our aviation resources by adding a fleet of Robinson 44s and 22s to our aviation portfolio. With Mountain View Helicopter's assistance, we can be anywhere in Western Canada as fast as a helicopter can fly there. This is an unprecedented 'Real-time' response and data acquisition combination. When your corporate image is on the line, we are your one stop commercial aviation services provider. 












Canadian UAVs has partnered with Vizworx to help our customers get the most out of the data we collect for them. There is no sense collecting a lot of data if you can't use it... 

The world is a fascinating and complex place. However, too much data leads to confusion and overload. Let us help you find that sweet spot where your data becomes the information you need. We support our clients' business needs through the creation of dynamic, intuitive information exchanges using leading edge visualization and interaction techniques and technologies.



GeoViz is a collaborative and interactive platform for group decision-making around geospatial and geolocated data. Using the power of technology and the human need to see and to touch, GeoViz helps your team collaborate not only with the data but with each other. This product enables you to have a greater understanding of the situation than actually being there. By having both macro and micro geospatially enable data, you can see the asset as well as have your potential resources at your finger tips. 









UAVS are used for a wide range of applications, the one constant is that they are capable of obtaining a large amounts of data which can come in many forms. Canadian UAVs has built and maintains a strictly enforced data ethics policy which ensures our customers and the general public that we are responsible and ethical with regards to the data the company acquires and maintains.  We are committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us by our clients and the public. Our privacy statement outlines the practices we follow in protecting personal information and a copy of this privacy statement is provided to anyone upon request.

If you have a question or concerns about any collection, use or disclosure of personal information by Canadian UAVs, please contact: info@canadianuavs.ca

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